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Juno is strong, prideful, and passionate. It is difficult to maintain a role as both protagonist, and antagonist.  Although she is physically strong, she is emotionally weak.

The DescentEdit

Suddenly, they come across four crawlers, they suddenly pounce on them. While Sarah takes care of half of them, Juno kills the other half by kneeing one of them in the private area and repeatedly smashing its head against the wall, and the other one by shoving a flare in its mouth and finishing it off with a pickaxe at the top of its head. After she gets up to catch her breath, she faces Sarah who shows her pendant, which she received from Beth, revealing she knows what really happened to Beth and her affair with her husband. They suddenly hear more crawlers approaching, but Sarah cripples Juno with her pickaxe in her leg and leaves her behind, Juno pulls the pickaxe out of her leg and stumbles around to face about now 10 crawlers. As Sarah runs away she hears her screaming which suddenly fades away, assuming she's officially avenged Beth's death, But little does she know, Juno was able take out all of the coming crawlers and survived.

The Descent Part IIEdit

For the next two days, Juno goes around the cave, killing any crawlers she comes across. She comes across Sheriff Vaines who was being attacked by a crawler, she stabs it from behind the head and kills it with her pickaxe. Vaines, surprised to see Juno, tells her he's here to help her get out, suddenly another crawler comes by, she puts her pickaxe to his throat to quiet his loud breathing. After it went away, she takes his torch and looks around the corner to check the close is clear. When Vaines asks what are those things, Juno replies 'Death'.

As they look for a way out, she suddenly comes face to face with Sarah. Furious that she left her behind, Juno immediately goes into a rage and fights her, she overpowers her and holds her to the ground. When Ellen reminds her that Sarah's her friend, she whacks her pickaxe to the ground just aside Sarah's head. Juno realizes that 'What's left' of a rescue party has come to find them. Juno tells them that the feeding pit has a passage to the surface.

On the way to the pit, the team meets a chasm in the cave, and is forced to slowly walk across it. With Sarah and Vaines hands connected with handcuffs, they both had to walk across. Because their weight was too much, the rocks collapsed, and Vaines fell, dragging Sarah with him. With Vaines risking the life of both himself and Sarah, Juno tells Ellen that crawlers were coming and that she must chop Vaines arm off to spare Sarahs Life. Ellen brutally chopped away, freeing Sarah in the process. Vaines fell to his death along with the crawlers on his back.

After traveling through the caves, they arrive at the feeding pit, which is full of Crawlers. Trying to silently sneak past them, they accidentally make a sound, which causes the final fight to safety. Sarah, Juno, and Ellen all team up against the crawlers. After killing almost all of them, Junos Stomach is ripped open by a brute Crawler, ending her life.

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